Work for yourself, not by yourself

Soloist, independent professional, freelancer, lifestyle entrepreneur, moonlighter, contractor, free agent, gun for hire … whatever label you choose, more and more people are escaping the 9-5 to go it alone. We're here to help.

When the groundbreaking bestseller Free Agent Nation hit the shelves a decade and a half ago, author Dan Pink reckoned there were 25 million independents and freelancers in America. Today that figure has more than doubled and the soloism movement has gone global.

Driven by potent forces like connected technology, waning job security, globalisation and the rise of project work, soloism is no longer the preserve of a small band of young audacious entrepreneurs. Today, we've firmly infiltrated the mainstream.

This course, created by the team behind Flying Solo - Australia's leading small business community - is the complete guide for those who have chosen their own path. It's all you need to design and run a business you love. Enjoy lifetime access for just A$199 (US$149).


Sam Leader, Peter Crocker & Robert Gerrish

We're everyone (and we're everywhere)

Today soloists are strongly represented across all industries. You'll find business advisors, retailers, life coaches, artists, virtual assistants, coders, designers, developers, writers, photographers, trades people, health professionals, cleaners, landscapers, finance specialists, bookkeepers, architects, digital gurus, real estate agents and many, many more.

Love your work, love your life

Every couple of years we survey our 100,000+ Flying Solo community, where a resounding 85% of respondents report being happy in their ventures, with flexibility and autonomy headlining the many lifestyle benefits. What's more, soloists enjoy household incomes higher than national averages.

Having hosted online discussion forums with over 200,000 posts, written a bestselling book, staged live events and published thousands of articles, podcasts, videos and webinars, Work your way brings together everything we know about going it alone in business.


We are the third bedroom dwellers, the kitchen table perchers, the co-working hot deskers and the café lurkers.

We are front of house, leading role and backstage hand. We are the name on the van, the bottom line, where the buck stops.

We are the corporate escapees, the mogul wannabees, the little doers, the big talkers, the quiet achievers, the hired guns.

We are top of our game, but under the radar.

We are the soul traders.

Ready for work, your way? Let's get started!